How to Use Plagiarism Checker

Using the Plagiarism Checker is no problem at all. Even if you don’t understand the deep internet jargon or are new to using such software, you can easily get hold of the Plagiarism Checker and its working. Our Plagiarism Checker is easy to use and can be accessed by just anyone at all. There are two basic methods that you can use to check documents and text for plagiarism at Plagiarism Checker. Here’s how to get about it:
By attaching/inserting the document:

  1. Click on the tab saying “Browse
  2. This will open a window, select the directory and the file where your document is saved
  3. Click on the document and select Open
  4. Click on the tab saying “Attach
  5. Once the document uploads, click on Search to check the document for plagiarism 

By Copy/Paste
This is an even easier method than attaching the file.

  1. Copy the text you want to check for plagiarism
  2. Paste the text in the box which says “ Enter text to check plagiarism
  3. Click on Search
Search in both cases, your result will appear in a few seconds. At Plagiarism-Checker we use Green and Red colors to denote non plagiarized and plagiarized content respectively. If your text is in green it means that the content is original and if the red color appears it signifies that the content has been plagiarized. The word limit for plagiarism check is 1500 in a single attempt. If you want to check more text, you can delete and enter the content following the same methods.